About Exhuming Cinema

Exhuming Cinema: Films of Old Exhumed and Resurrected


Exhuming Cinema began all the way back in 2017…

At the time, I had just started university. I wanted a place where I could write about film, so I got on blogger and got myself a hot, spanking new .blogspot domain.

For the next 4 years, I wrote and published articles and essays on my teeny tiny blog for a staggering audience of about 300 readers per post (which I thought was a phenomenal success at the time).

In 2020, I bought a custom domain for my passion project and it became exhumingcinema.com, a big deal. But a year later, I forgot to renew the domain and lost it to some internet jerk who bought it the moment it expired and tried to sell it to me for a couple thousand dollars.

Funny enough, a year later, he himself forgot to renew the domain, so I bought it again :D.

It’s time to properly introduce myself. My name is Akram Herrak, and I am a writer and film critic. I started writing at a very young age, started publishing my work around 7 years ago, and became a full-time professional writer around a year and a half ago.

Since then, my work about film, literature, and culture has appeared in Reader’s Digest, TheCollector, Independent Book Review, dirt.fyi, and a bunch of other places.

I want Exhuming Cinema to always remain my passion project and my little baby. I’m going to be slowly updating and re-publishing all the articles that were up on the old website, and writing new ones specifically for this one.

I truly hope you enjoy reading my ramblings about old films and those who made them!

Akram Herrak