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My Favorite Films of All Time: 10 Recommendations from Exhuming Cinema’s Author

  Each person who loves movies has their own definition of cinema and their own reasons why they love it, and mine wouldn’t vary much from the rest of the people who fell in love with film: I am simply entranced. Film is magic on the screen and I am fallen prey, I love movies with all my soul, and in this piece, I will be talking about the ten films that have impacted me the most in my life. Some of these I’ve seen dozens of times, and some I’ve only seen once or twice, but each one of them has deeply touched me and its images and sounds have remained with me ever since the credits rolled, an aftertaste that I can’t- and would never want to wash off.   10- La Strada (Federico Fellini, 1954)   As I noted down the films to write about in this article, I realized it couldn’t begin any stronger as Fellini’s La Strada was number 10. This film is the moment Fellini became Fellini. Moving away from his neorealist roots, this film saw the legendary director sort of laying the foundatio

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