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Moroccan Cinema Highlights #1: About Some Meaningless Events (1974)

  Mostafa Derkaoui’s 1974 film, About Some Meaningless Events, was shot between January and April 1974, and upon its release later that year, it was banned and shelved until 2019, almost fifty years after its release, and what a shame that is. During the reign of King Hassan II, where Morocco was supposed to be “a country that is rooted in tradition but open to modernity”, About Some Meaningless Events unintentionally achieved more than it set out to, and aside from glaringly showing Morocco for what it was, a country not in peace with the two extremes, but stuck in-between them in a mortal game of tug-of-war, a chaotic state made even more so by the political protests throughout the country, started by the students movement in 1965, and reaching a zenith in the early 1970’s with the two attempted coups, the film showed just how important cinema can be in guiding the people, something that would have been very dangerous for the government back then. It is in this context that About Som

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